Brookeville Brewery Renovation

Brookeville Brewery hired INTECaec in May of 2015 to implement a renovation of their existing facility. INTECaec brought the facility […]

HVAC Renovation of Hatem Bridge Building

Hatem Bridge HVAC Renovations

November 2012 – INTECaec is selected by URS and MDTA for the architectural and electrical designs to support HVAC renovations […]

Nice Bridge – HVAC Upgrades

April 2012 – INTECaec, as hired by URS, provides MDTA with Mechanical, HVAC, electrical drawings, cost estimates and specifications for the […]

SHA Westminster Shop HVAC Upgrades

May 2012 – URS hires INTECaec to perform the electrical design for HVAC upgrade renovation at SHA Westminster Maintenance and Vehicle […]