Baltimore Harbor Tunnel HVAC Renovation

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INTECaec was awarded this contract in March of 2013.  We provided design services related to electrical and architectural / structural that was needed to support the proposed HVAC upgrades and design changes. INTECaec was responsible for the electrical power and lighting, architectural and structural design for a new mechanical air handler room, new VAV HVAC system on all 4 floors, ceiling modifications in the affected spaces on all floors and roof modifications.

INTECaec prepared demolition and new floor plans, specifications and cost estimates for electrical, architectural, and structural.

INTECaec also prepared the existing CADD building background drawings for use by URS and INTEC.

URS prepared the mechanical demolition, new work, fire protection plans and specifications, as well as the phasing plans.

The contractor started renovation work in January 2015.  Construction was completed in November 2016.  INTECaec provided As-Built drawings to MDTA in January of 2017.