INTECaec is a full-service Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firm with a mission of design excellence and long-term cooperative client relationships. Our team is skilled, qualified and experienced in all facets of design and construction, for a broad range of structural projects.

INTECaec is certified as a participant in the US’s Small Business Administration’s Women-Owned Business program.

In addition, we are certified with the following government entities:

State of Maryland MDOT MBE program

WMATA (Washington Metro Authority)

MWAA (Airports Authority)

Howard County, Maryland

Montgomery County, Maryland

Prince Georges County, Maryland

Baltimore County, Maryland

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Women-Owned Business

In our early days, INTEC was an MEP-only firm serving a number of clients who needed infrastructure changes. But no matter how simple the project was, it always seemed to require some architectural support.

So in the early 1990s, we hired our first architect. We never looked back.

Before long, more than half of the work we did was architectural. As we took on increasingly diverse projects, we discovered the many advantages of a tight-knit team working together in one location.

Today, our diversification has become the cornerstone of the way we work. Regardless of how a task is configured, we approach it from all of our in-house disciplinary perspectives.

Mechanical and electrical engineering services are mainstays of our company. We also provide structural services to create the necessary interface between our architectural and engineering offerings. Whether we are supporting a generator or a cooling tower, or placing an addiction, mezzanine, or stair within a building, we can provide the structural integration needed to complete the job.
From new ventilation and energy recovery mechanical systems to cooling tower and steam boiler replacements, we provide comprehensive mechanical engineering support. Our electrical designs range from computer data centers to large generator installations and new LED lighting designs. Projects can be a replacement of existing equipment or a full renovation of a school, lab, office, or medical suite.
Some of our clients benefit from our ability to provide both design and build services.
Having an in-house construction team allows us to maintain control of a project to maximize quality and flexibility. With this team we’ve built and renovated multiple office buildings for clients, including a historical renovation as well as new security offices.
Rather than just serving as a subcontractor to a construction contractor, we’ve found that keeping our design team in control of a project throughout its lifespan helps us meet tight budgets and schedules, and it ensures that the overall vision for the project doesn’t waiver.

Creative Problem Solving

Since INTECaec first opened its doors in 1990, we’ve solidified our reputation as a small, flexible team that solves our clients’ problems ina  creative, cost effective manner.
Tak, for example, the Gamma Knife Suite we designed for Johns Hopkins University Hospital in 2002. To complete the project, our firm was tasked with accomodating a large radioactive cobalt ball that powered the suite’s main surgical instrument into the building’s underground levels.
Obviously, we couldn’t go through the hospital’s front door with the dangerous device, and because this was at a time of heightened alert, the insertion of the cobalt ball had to be done without public knowledge.
Johns Hopkins asked us to design a way to move the ball into the suite through a concrete air shaft that ran beneath the hospital’s front lawn. INTECaec devised a plan for rerouting the shaft through the gamma knife suite without cutting off the building’s air supply or disturbing the site’s grounds. We made sure that the new air shaft was properly configured to move and install the cobalt core underground and onto the surgical machine. Then, one night, roads were closed, and we quietly moved the core into its new home without seeming to disturb as much as a blade of grass.JHU Gamma-Knife Replacement Design Project
It wasn’t long before The University of Maryland heard about our adventure and requested our services for their own gamma knife suite retrofit.
Project after project, we’ve proven that we can fit seamlessly into a team and exceed our clients’ expectations with creative, yet practical, solutions. Our commitment, our focus, is always on getting it right no matter how tight the squeeze.