Utility Studies

We have just completed one and begun two new electric utility metering studies in support of metering conversion initiatives in Washington DC.

INTECaec is the go-to source for engineering analysis and expert witness testimony when landlords seek to convert their old master-metered buildings to individually metered apartments allowing tenants to benefit from their own efforts to reduce electrical use.

In concert with the law firm of Greenstein DeLorme & Luchs P.C. INTECaec calculates the energy cost expected to accrue to each tenant and the attorneys apply for a rent reduction through the DC Housing Authority. Tenants are given a rent reduction equal to what the landlord has been paying and can easily reduce their costs further when they take responsibility of their energy use. After making thousands of these assessments and examining real energy use before and after transitioning we have found that electricity use falls on average to about 65% of usage levels of what is was when the landlord was paying the bills. No wonder individual tenant metering has become a requirement in the current energy codes.