Jameella Nuur, Principal

Jameella has been with INTECaec since its inception, and has been the owner since 1997. Ms. Nuur’s background includes a […]

Sandor Szokolai

Mr. Szokolai’s portfolio of diverse HVAC designs range from projects that combined fans, evaporative cooling, and external solar shades to […]

Scott Kaufman

In his role as Project Director, Scott is involved in virtually every project that INTECaec performs and is influential in […]


Paul Levine

Mr. Levine has been a member of American Institute of Architects since 1976 and a member of the Maryland Society […]

Angela Freibaum

Ms. Freibaum joined our team as a CFO and is responsible for all financial and accounting issues within the company. […]

Nelson Esteban

Mr. Esteban has 18 years of experience working as an architect.  This includes Federal and State government, institutional and ecclesiastical […]

Marsha Wyly

Marsha has been with INTECaec for the past 10 years, including many projects for the Armed Forces Retirement Home’s Washington […]