This project basically involved surveying this 400 bed VA Hospital’s antiquated electrical system to determine priorities designs up grade needs.  The Hospital had hired Square D to do a report itemizing discrepancies within the facilities electrical system.  Their basic concern was an insufficient fault current inerperting capability.  INTEC was brought in to conduct a survey on the report’s findings.

INTEC prepared a report and is slated to do construction management for this project when the reports findings are implemented:

  • Surveyed entire facility
  • Located panel boards and transformers
  • Made a set of drawings showing locations of equipment
  • Proposed remedies for the situation, iteminizing locations where work was noted
  • Discovered other discrepancies beyond those in the report
  • Created a set of drawings which showed locations where required work was to be done, and delineated where these changes needed to occur.

One innovative solution we recommended was the replacement of non-fused disconnects switches at transformer locations with magnetic-trip only circuit breakers.  This maintains short circuit interrupting capabilities with out adding an additional over load trip in the circuit.

Getting access to areas, finding equipment that was not mentioned or shown in the original report, and correcting errors in Square D’s report as to cable lengths gave us good ratings with our client.  We finished the project on schedule even though the survey was much more involved than anticipated.  The VA Medical center has contracted with us two new projects because of their satisfaction with this one.

Construction Cost: $1,800,000

  • Client: VA Hospital
  • Project Year: 2005
  • Total Square Footage: 917,000