January 2014 – INTECaec works with URS to create Preventive Maintenance Manuals for equipment located at MDTA’s statewide facilities. Range of equipment includes:

  • Mechanical / HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Alarm
  • Overhead Hoist
  • Fuel/Oil systems

February – March 2014 – INTECaec surveys buildings and support spaces at Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and Fort McHenry Tunnel. Data for all equipment is documented and verified.

April 2014 – MDTA Headquarters facilities are surveyed at Point Breeze, Baltimore.

May 2014 – ICC-East and ICC-West facilities are surveyed and documented.

June – July 2014 – Project is reviewed by MDTA.

August 2014 – Nice Bridge facilities, Newburg, MD.

September 2014 – 3 campuses at JFK Highway. (MDTA North)

October 2014 – Hatem Bridge facilities, Perryville, MD.

November – December 2014 – Francis Scott Key (FSK) Bridge facilities, Dundalk, MD.

January – April 2015 – Project is reviewed by MDTA. URS designs HVAC renovations for FSK & Bay Bridge. Extra Work Order is submitted to incorporate new designs.

May 2015 – INTECaec wraps up the project by surveying the facilities at Bay Bridge, Admin Building at BHT and portions of the FSK buildings.

  • Client: MDTA
  • Project Year: 2014-2015
  • Total Square Footage: 1,100,000
  • Team Members: Scott Kaufman, Sandor Szokolai, Nelson Esteban, Janielle Christie