April 2012 – INTECaec, as hired by URS, provides MDTA with Mechanical, HVAC, electrical drawings, cost estimates and specifications for the Maintenance Building and Vehicle Storage Building at Harry W. Nice Bridge in southern Maryland.  Project included radiator valve retrofits, piping modifications, three ductless split system air conditioners, exhaust fans, unit heaters and duplex oil pumps and piping.

August 2014 – INTECaec provides MDTA with Demolition, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings, specifications and cost estimates for the Administration Building. Project includes window replacements for the conference room, structural roof supports and duct upgrades on the roof.  2012 project is combined with 2014 project due to State of Maryland construction budget constraints.

  • Client: MDTA
  • Project Year: 2012-2014
  • Team Members: Scott Kaufman, Paul Levine, Sandor Szokolai, Nelson Esteban, Thomas W. Pfister