Prevention of Blindness Society Headquarters (POB)

When the POB acquired a premier historic site on Massachusetts Avenue they needed a planning and design team to lead them through the process of developing their new headquarters there. INTECaec was selected and has been with them from the initial concepts and historic approval process to the final installation of computers and security systems. The project is nearing completion and is a shining example of the breadth of services INTECaec provides. We have been the planners, architectural and engineering designers, construction administrators and finally the IT integrators.  Because we are willing and capable of wearing many hats we can step in at any point in the process to take the lead or fill gaps as needed. When it was clear that the task of planning and constructing the IT systems for the new space could overwhelm the POB’s small staff we covered that base for them planning, purchasing and installing phones and a much needed network computer system.