INTECaec Adds Staff Augmentation Certification

INTECaec is happy to announce that our newest certification is in staff augmentation. On January 27, 2016, we were certified by the state of Maryland to provide NAICS Code 561320 TEMPORARY HELP SERVICES as an MBE/DBE/SBE provider.

We are a certified woman-owned and small disadvantaged full-service architecture and engineering firm with a 23-year track record of completing more than 1,000 complex projects. Our expertise is the design and management of construction projects within specialized spaces and the integration of complicated systems into existing facilities.

So besides our full complement of architecture and engineering services — all of which can be done in our offices — we provide staff who are well-trained and supported by our expertise to do the same services in your offices. Those staff will be solely committed to your projects, with your intentions, desires, and needs for as long as you require. No worries about providing benefits — we will do all of that as well as administer their payroll.

Because INTECaec’s portfolio of design projects ranges from store-front restaurants to space planning for multi-floor offices to hospital gamma-knife installations, we are comfortable providing support to staff working with you on any architecture or engineering project you might have.

The idea to offer this service came about when we were approached by one of our clients who asked us if we could do this for them. Since then, we have placed numerous staff members in our clients’ offices, and we’ve enjoyed interacting with them in these new environments.

This important certification required two years of intense scrutiny, audits, and staff interviews before the state of Maryland awarded it to us, so you can be assured that you will have a positive and productive experience working with us at your own facilities.

Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing staff augmentation with INTECaec.

Kevin King

Staff Architect


Paul Levine

Former Director of Architecture

Mr. Levine has been a member of American Institute of Architects since 1976 and a member of the Maryland Society of Architects since 1976. Prior to joining INTECaec, Mr. Levine was a principal in his own practice. He provided design consultation services for interior fit-up of office and retail spaces, telecommunications labs, and manufacturing facilities. He has acted as the owner’s representative for relocation of R&D labs and the new construction of technical facilities such as the DirecTV & DirecWay Network Operations Center.

Bachelor of Architecture from Clemson University

Angela Freibaum


Ms. Freibaum joined our team as a CFO and is responsible for all financial and accounting issues within the company. She has experience working with large government contractors and budgeting and financial planning for various firms. Additionally she has worked as a Controller and Senior Business Consultant for firms within the Washington Metropolitan Area. She is instrumental in modernizing all of INTEC’s financial, accounting and project management systems.

B. S. in Accounting from George Mason University; MBA Johns Hopkins University; CPA


Tom Fregly

Network Engineer

Tom has 27 years of experience in the computer field with a strong background in computer hardware/software and network engineering. His business hardware/software experience was cemented during a 12 year stretch founding and operating the Digital Technology Group – a systems integration and retail computer operation. In 1996 Tom turned to consulting, spending the next 5 years working hundreds of sites as a field network engineer while certifying for Novell as a CNE and Microsoft as an MCSE. CompTIA Security+ Certified in 2011. Tom has been with INTECaec since 2013.

B.S. Business Marketing, University of Maryland, College Park, 1981

Israel Geyfman, P.E.

Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Geyfman has 37 years of experience in power distribution, lighting and communications systems for buildings. His experience ranges from renovation of existing research laboratories and healthcare facilities to design of new commercial, industrial, theatrical and educational facilities. He is also actively involved in construction administration and commissioning of electrical systems.

B.S. Electrical Engineering – Kiev Industrial Polytech College


Nelson Esteban

Staff Architect

Mr. Esteban has 18 years of experience working as an architect. This includes Federal and State government, institutional and ecclesiastical new construction and renovation projects. He is responsible for the production of working drawings, CAD standards and quality control, shop drawing review, cost estimating and field surveys.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Pilot University of Colombia


Maria Arhire

Senior Architect

Sandor Szokolai, P.E.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Szokolai’s portfolio of diverse HVAC designs range from projects that combined fans, evaporative cooling, and external solar shades to keep bees comfortable in a greenhouse to heating a hall for over 1,000 people where only a minimal amount of noise and no bulkhead or chases were allowed to hide duct or pipe. His experience includes all aspects of HVAC design for the renovation and new construction of offices, labs, warehouse, hospitals, museums, data centers, and administrative facilities.

B. S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary; M. S. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.


Jameela Nuur

Principal, CEO

Jameella has been with INTECaec since its inception, and has been the owner since 1997. Ms. Nuur’s background includes a long record of management experience ranging from positions as Director of Admissions and Director of Housing at a mid-western University to the operation of her own landscape design practice. Her responsibilities include day-to-day management, ensuring projects and documents go out on a timely basis, while managing finances and staffing needs.

Graduate Certificate in Landscape Design from George Washington University, after receiving a B.S. in Education, Major in Geography from the University of Maryland.


Scott Kaufman, P.E.

Project Director

In his role as Project Director, Scott is involved in virtually every project that INTECaec performs and is influential in development of all the design disciplines to assure that architectural, mechanical, plumbing, structural and electrical trades are all integrally conceived and well-coordinated.

He began his career in the early solar energy field before moving into HVAC design. He realized that at the time it was impossible for solar energy systems to be implemented in the broader context of the entire building design industry. He moved from HVAC design and project management into the broader scope of A/E project management. Degrees in English and in General Administration facilitate his role as a team leader and communicator. Scott has guided projects involving geothermal energy, performed life cycle analysis of mechanical systems, devised energy alternatives, innovated critical control systems and actively incorporates renewable resources. His multi-disciplinary experience is key to INTECaec’s well-coordinated projects.

B. S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland; B.A. English and Urban Planning from the University of Maryland; Master of General Administration (Certification), University College